Reliable cable Manufacturers in India

We humans have been making technological advancements with every passing day. As we know electricity, in the present day, is an irreplaceable requirement. Due to this modernization process, automation in this new-age has updated needs. So, in order to excel, every industry requires the absolute best in the technology of cables. There are only a few electrical cable manufacturers in India that can be relied upon for the best quality products at really competitive prices. For both transmission and connectivity, these few companies manufacture a wide range of cables in order to fulfil the varied requirements of the industries. These companies are ISO 9001 certified and are absolute experts in designing various high-end cables for the blue-chip organizations. Most importantly, they are one of the major electrical cable manufacturers in India; they not only supply the products nationally but also export them to various countries.

Products offered
These companies are well known for offering the following products

  • Submersible cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • PVC cables
  • Instrumentation shielded cables
  • Electrical power cables
  • Fibre optical cables
  • Solar cables
  • Structural or LAN cables
  • XLPE cables
  • PVC cables
  • Control cables
  • Industrial cables
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Rubber cables etc.

Making the availability of a huge range of electrical cables and many other kinds and sorts of cables possible, they have become very popular among their clients and are now one of the major industrial electrical cable manufacturers of India. They are so in demand because of the fact that most industries can avail their exact requirement of cables from these companies.

The industries they cater
The requirements of various sectors like telecommunications, oil, petrochemicals, gas, power, cement, railways, fertilizers, steel, medical, electronics, automotive industries are catered by the industrial and domestic products manufactured by these companies.

These companies aim at delivering the best quality products to their clients and work hard to achieve so. Their main strength being the expert team of workers who help in the manufacturing process of the best quality products. They provide custom-made products for clients both nationally as well as internationally. They are well known for their effective and timely delivery of products, irrespective of the location. This is assured due to a well-maintained system of supply chain. Due to these unmatched qualities, these companies have achieved at making a huge client base which includes reputable companies from both the private and the public sector throughout the world.


Lesser Known Facts About Submersible Pumps and Cables

Submersible Pumps are pumps that can be completely submerged in any kind of fluid which is to be pumped. Submersible Pumps are very efficient pumps that push the liquid to the surface. In the same way, Submersible Cables are used in wet environments and for underwater projects and are also available in different types to work in different pump environmental conditions. Submersible Pump Cables supplied by Submersible Cables Suppliers based in India are of top-notch quality and are also known for their dedication.

Few Facts about Submersible Pumps and Cables

  • Submersible Pumps are used for different applications such as sewage pumping. It is also used for pumping in industries. They are also used as pond filters.
  • Submersible Pumps are used in boreholes for extracting water in residential, commercial and industrial areas.
  • They are widely used in sewage treatment plants and in handling of seawater.
  • They are also used for firefighting purposes as Submersible Pump Cables used with Submersible Pumps are fire retardant in nature.
  • Some of their basic applications are in the extraction of groundwater in water wells, and deep well drilling.
  • One of the commercial usages of Submersible Pumps is in the offshore drilling rigs that are used for drilling water, oil and natural gas.
  • They are used for dewatering the mines and also in irrigation systems across the world.
  • Submersible Pump Cables are an integral component of Submersible Pumps and are used for deep well boring or drilling and in similar wet conditions.
  • There is no limitation of Submersible Cables as they can be used in both fresh water and salt water.

Submersible Cables Suppliers in India offer Submersible Cables that are very durable and reliable. Their performance is always best under harsh and hostile environments. Submersible Pumps and Cables are very useful inventions that have made it possible to pump and drill in restrictive conditions.

Inside Out of Fire Survival Cables

Fire Survival Cables are a special range of product designed to continue operating in the case of fire. However such cables can survive the fire only for a minimum period, these are more Resistant Cables when compared to other cables. Such Fire Resistant Cables are commonly known to be used in fire hazardous factories and offices. They are also included in water spray and mechanical shockers. Such wires are an assembly of many materials such as conductors, wires and rubber coating.

The armour applied over the inner sheath in such cables may consist of galvanized round steel wires or galvanized flat steel strips. Although steel wire are present in the armour for direct burial, more copper wired can be integrated to increase the conductivity of the cable. Armouring is used in a cable as an earth return.


  • These cables can withstand a flame temperature of 750 degree centigrade for 3 hours without any electrical breakdown.
  • Fire cables are designed not to emit toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon oxide within a safe limit.
  • Fire Survival Cables do not propagate flames if in contact with fire.

Typical Application
These Fire Survival Cables are specially designed to maintain operation during as well as after a fire like situation. These cables are generally used in emergency voice communication systems, fire extinguishing systems, sprinklers pumps, control panels and in exit lights of high rise buildings. Such cables have an extreme importance in those devices, which are installed to detect smoke and fire, and in monitoring evacuation.

Fire Cables comprise of a conductor insulated with silicone rubber or mica glass tape. A screening is done with a tape and annealed tinned copper drain wire. The inner sheath is applied over laid up of cores by wrapping of thermoplastic material and finally a PVC Compound is applied over inner sheath. This provided a protective layer in such cables.

Unique Properties of Silicone Rubber Cables

Silicon Rubber Cables also known as Elastomeric Rubber Cables are an insulating material containing fine electrical properties, good chemical stability, flame retardancy, and superior resistance to heat and cold. These Cables are suitable for application in electric iron leads, reeling and unreeling and used in mining equipments. The key ingredients of Silicon Rubber Cables are unique raw silicon rubber gum and high-purity silica, which include characteristics of both inorganic and organic materials. Elastomeric Rubber Cables are quite a popular product with Rubber Cable Manufacturers.

The unique properties of Silicone Rubber Cables are:

  • High Binding Energy: Due to the low intermolecular force Silicon Rubber Cables have a higher coil formation capacity. The form of Silicon rubbers are also highly stable and have a higher energy than that of carbon bonds thus such elements are chemical stable and provide a high electrical insulation.
  • Heat and Cold Resistant: Silicon rubber materials can withstand high and low temperatures better than other organic rubbers. It can withstand 200°C for 10,000 hours or more and some products can withstand heat of 350°C for short periods. These materials can also withstand low temperatures of to -60° to -70°C and remain elastic.
  • Weathering: Such materials have exceptional weather ability. Where ozone created by corona discharge rapidly deteriorates most organic rubbers, shows no such effect on Silicon Rubbers. Furthermore, these Rubber Cables exposed to rain, wind and UV Rays for long periods with no change in its physical properties.
  • Moisture and Steam Resistant: Elastomeric Cables can be immersed in cold water or boiling hot water for long periods with absorbing only 1 percent of water and showing no effect on mechanical strength or electrical properties. Contact with steam also causes no deterioration.
  • Resistant to Oil, Solvents and Other Chemicals: Silicon Rubbers are excellent resistance to oil at high temperatures, solvents and other chemicals. These material are also unaffected by polar organic compounds, dilute acids or bases, these rubbers do not dissolve or decompose in acids or other chemicals and return to their former state once removed from the solvent.

Such Cables also have copper or gold wires inside which are good conductors of electricity and is coated with Silicon Rubber outside to resist conducting electricity or heat for the safety of users. Due to such useful properties, Silicon Rubber Cables are used in almost every industry to improve the quality and functionality of products including electric and electronic equipments, automobiles and leisure products.

Get the Safest Electric Transfusion with Relemac Cables

When its about high voltage transfusions, a reliable yet safe technology is required. This is where Relemac Cables makes a prominent control cables supplier in the industry.


Be it numerous automatic transmissions of high voltage or any electrical distribution, Relamac Cables manufacture one of the most reliable technologies for business across industries. Every such transmission requires a durable and safe control cable, this is where Relamc ranks amongst the top control cables suppliers of the country. It delivers a wide range of control cables, unarmored cables and flexible control cables.

Generally these PVC insulated wires are used by rail, transport and construction industries. The basic function of these wires is to safely control, and maintain the electrical transfusion within the junction. Thus, requires a reliable technology. This is where the leaders like Relemac make the absolute solution.

Relemac also offers customized range of flexible wires as per the requirements and budgets of the clients. This helps in achieving customer satisfaction and reliability. Anyone looking for a trustworthy solution must take a look at what this brand has to offer.

Premium Quality XLPE Cables For Better Connectivity And Safety

Top manufacturers of XLPE cables use the latest technology in order to produce these special cables. Excellent grade materials and cooper are being utilized to maintain flexibility and resistance. These cables are used for many purpose and particularly in the IT industry due to its unique properties. The demand for such cables are high and it requires ardent hard work and precision to manufacture these. Reputed manufacturers in Delhi have specialized manufacturing units which produce mass of the item.

XLPE cables, also called Cross-linked Polyethylene have the unique feature of excellent insulation in terms of electrical properties. Low dielectric constant is a stable dielectric constant over all frequencies, and very high insulation resistance. When it comes to flexibility, polyethylene can be rated stiff to very hard, depending on molecular weight and density (low density being the most flexible). It is also moisture resistance and rated excellent amongst all cables. Black and specially formulated colored versions have excellent weather resistance.


Reputed manufacturers like Relemac Cables have top of the line manufacturing units that use the latest engineering and innovative techniques to produce XLPE cables. In Delhi, the demand for such cables is too high and companies thrive on this fact that quality cables are readily sold as soon as they roll out of the factories.

Being moisture resistant, the cables have extended longevity and the use of materials to produce it are also not affected by moisture. Being largely utilized in the IT and electronics sector, the cables connect to a lot of devices and give them power and connectivity. Companies like Relemac Cables ensure that only tested and superior quality material are used in the manufacturing process so that they are not too delicate and can withstand natural wear and tear and not affected by harsh climates.


Always remember that choose only premium quality products as such cables can withstand the test of time and remain in working condition even when roughly utilized. Such cables, if not chosen from a particular brand can also affect the device it is connected to.


Protect Yourself With High Grade Rubber Cables

It is a well-known fact that rubber wires and cables characteristically are at the highest priority on the rundown, with particular respects to the electrical cable industry. Their essentialness is felt just when they are absent. Rubber cables are utilized widely as a part of regular applications. We can truly believe that it is exceptionally hard to work on machines without them. Widely utilized as a part of open air applications, these cables structure a necessary component in assembling kitchen machines, TV sets, in-divider wiring, and so on.

There are plenty of cable manufacturers operating in Delhi. But only a few are of top reputation and provide safety and quality assurance. Relemac Cables, a top class rubber cable manufacturer in Delhi has earned enough appraisals from the customers with regards to quality assurance and product standards. They are known for latest technologies and state of the art plants where these innovative cables are manufactured. Being used by some of top brands, they are in business since a long time. The quality is unmatched and products are very durable and are of high quality.


Because of its remarkable properties, rubber cables can be utilized as a part of different situations. They are fabricated to serve a wide mixed bag of uses. The most important property of rubber is that it is impervious to common materials and chemicals. Wires and cables manufactured utilizing rubber can oppose different sorts of acids, chemicals, oils and different components. At the point when an electrical cable is outfitted with rubber, it can withstand the test of time without any difficulty. These cables are amazingly adaptable. They can be utilized to connect machines and gears put away in hostile conditions. They are exceptionally sturdy too. The way that a faulty piece of the wire can be replaced effectively, adds to the sturdiness of the whole link. It is greatly lucrative from the support perspective, as these cables can be cleaned, put away and replaced without any bothers.

As indicated by top of the line cable manufacturers, the most startling peculiarity of elastic is its capacity to be utilized as an encasing. This is the motivation behind why it is utilized for electrical house wiring. Being impervious to animal fat and vegetable oil, these links are conceivably suited for the food and beverage business too. Rubber cables and wires are produced utilizing non-poisonous materials. The food business needs to stick to strict rules as they are managing consumable things. On account of its non-poisonous nature and characteristic imperiousness to chemicals, rubber cables are utilized on a substantial scale as a part of the food industry. Food and beverage industries and preparing units are helpless to the development of microbial living beings, if the significant cleanliness measures are not kept up. As these links are not difficult to clean, they score over different cables in the cleanliness territory too. It is exceptionally sparing to introduce these sorts of links. Boiling hot water is used all the time as a part of sustenance handling units, and rubber cables don’t get hampered by them. These salient features make rubber cables, the most sought after means of connectivity.

Reputed rubber cable manufacturers make sure that their products are of high grade and can withstand even the harshest conditions. The components used are of high grade and they are properly bonded for prolonged usage and gradual wear and tear. Be sure to pick quality products.